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Wednesday, March 16, 2005
New Poll reveals public scepticism about Budget tax cuts

A YouGov poll published by the TaxPayers' Alliance to coincide with the Budget reveals that most voters see Gordon Brown's tax cuts as a short term electoral gimmick rather than a long term strategy for sound public finances.

50% of voters think that Gordon Brown was more concerned by "short term priorities such as the forthcoming general election" when planning his Budget, with only 15% crediting him with taking a "long term perspective of maintaining sound public finances."

54% think that Gordon "cannot prudently cut taxes" and only 27% think that his tax cuts today are prudent.

91% believe that taxes will go up if Labour wins the election - 35 percent think they will 'go up a lot' and 44 percent think they will 'go up a little'.

These findings suggest that voters see today's Budget as an 'Election Budget' rather than a 'Prudent Budget.' Voters want fiscally responsible tax cuts, not a pre-election giveaway followed by tax rises after the election.

Full details of the poll can be found here.