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Tuesday, March 22, 2005
TPA op-ed in Yorkshire Post

The TPA has an op-ed in today's Yorkshire Post (p11) on how 'MPs must lead the way on pension reform'. Unfortunately it's not on the website, but an extract is reproduced below and I will happily email a copy of the full op-ed to interested readers.

"It wouldn't have looked good, 1.5million local government workers going on strike just weeks before the election. The public sector trade union UNISON has played its cards like an old-pro. By calling a one-day strike, they forced the Government to suspend talk of public sector pension reform, but the issue will not go away. John Prescott may have given a written promise to withdraw plans to raise the retirement age for public sector workers from 60 to 65, but pre-election promises can be forgotten. The government after the next government will have a choice: to address the public sector pension liability or to lose their credibility for economic competence."

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