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Tuesday, April 12, 2005
Attack Tax - Make More Money

TPA supporter John McNulty has contributed this article to the blog:

Imagine a dreadful disease crept up on your world. Blending cancer with deadly fungus, it infects everyone. Now grown so globally pervasive, it consumes half your energy, squanders half your savings - wastes half your life. Inescapable, its contamination lurks everywhere. This crippling plague answers three real names - Bureaucracy, State or Government. It clips every coin you make, spend, save or inherit. It controls everything - your nearest and dearest - even what you eat and how you learn. It impedes progress.

Properly constituted Government - one "of laws, not of men" - undertakes to protect the individual, without choking us. The individuals it supposedly defends must control government, not vice versa. Currently Government protects and perpetuates itself mainly. Would you hire someone who 'gets paid anyway' and cannot be dismissed? Does 'someone-else's committee' know best in spending your own hard-earned money? How many leave lights blazing, furnaces roaring, engines running, thumbs twiddling at your expense? Look around you at the wasted time, effort and money - your money, your life, burned by bureaucrats. Allegedly, these people work for you; does it feel that way?

Some say, 'You can't beat City Hall' - betting on paying less whilst claiming more expenses. It doesn't work like that. The house rigged this game. Government owns no money - it takes it by stealthy force. It prints, then controls, paper money but makes no value. Government's dead overhead throttles everyone - even its own legions. Government servants pay taxes - one Government employee paid to extract money from another. This pitiful ploy attempts to make bureaucrats 'seem equal' to productive earners. It highlights the self-absorbed, wasteful attitude inside the machinery of state.

Government cannot legitimise stealing from the rich by pretending to outlaw poverty - an irrational, unworkable contradiction. The only pockets ever filled by pilfering? Pickpockets. Tax-cut opponents always fear that someone else will benefit more than they. Who? People who produce more and better? 'Robbing the rich' supporters wrongly assume that they aren't the next moving targets. Wealth exists not as a fixed resource but as something created via productive effort, grown from ideas by individual initiative. Other than itself, Government cannot enrich anyone - it can impoverish everyone. It cannot educate - it will not learn. Its moral job: ensuring that individuals keep what they rightfully earn. Time it realised that you are its paymaster.

Excise this cancerous bureaucracy. Reclaim freedom; vote to axe your taxers.

Copyright John McNulty. Paris. March 2005.