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Monday, April 25, 2005
P.G. Wodehouse on tax

TPA supporter John McNulty has spotted an excellent link to an article on Income Tax written by P.G. Wodehouse in Vanity Fair in 1919. Here's a taster:

"As I sit in my poverty-stricken home, looking at the place where the piano used to be before I had to sell it to pay my income-tax, I find myself in thoughtful mood. The first agony of the separation from my hard-earned, so to speak income, is over, and I can see that I was unjust in my original opinion of the United States Government. At first, I felt toward the U.S.G. as I would feel toward any perfect stranger who insinuated himself into my home and stood me on my head and went through my pockets. The only difference I could see between the U.S.G. and the ordinary practitioner in a black mask was that the latter occasionally left his victim carfare. Gosh! I was bitter."

To read more, visit Dianne Durante's website.

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