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Monday, May 02, 2005
Tax Pledge 2005 in the Daily Telegraph

There's a very good article in today's Daily Telegraph about the Tax Pledge 2005 campaign by Malcolm Moore.

The Conservatives have banned their candidates from promising not to raise taxes after the election, even though the party is campaigning for GBP4billion of tax cuts.

The Taxpayers' Alliance, a low-tax lobby group, e-mailed all prospective MPs asking them to sign a pledge that they would not vote for higher taxes. So far, the pledge has attracted only one Conservative signatory.

"On the day it launched, Conservative Central Office sent out an e-mail to all candidates telling them not to sign the pledge," says Matthew Elliott, the Alliance's chief executive.

"I have had phone calls from 20 to 25 Conservative MPs and candidates saying they morally support the campaign, but they cannot back it publicly because Conservative Central Office told them they cannot," he adds.

You can read more here.

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