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Monday, June 20, 2005
Scrap the CAP

The Observer's Business & Media supplement has an excellent feature launching a new 'Scrap the CAP' campaign.

- Did you know that the CAP costs the average family in the EU GBP16 a week in taxes and higher food prices?
- Did you know that each EU cow costs taxpayers USD2.20 a day, while half the world's population lives on less than USD2 a day?

The TPA has campaigned to scrap the CAP from the outset. In our most recent Bumper Book of Government Waste, we calculated that subsidising overseas farmers cost British taxpayers GBP1,935 million in 2004.

Britain's net contribution to the EU budget is currently GBP4,300m a year. About 45% of the EU budget is allocated to the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), which means that GBP1,935m of our net contribution went to subsidising farmers in other European countries, including GBP88m for tobacco farmers.

This is not fair: why should British taxpayers bail out farmers in Belgium or Spain? In addition to this subsidy, British families also pay on average GBP16 a week more on their grocery bills because of the CAP. This is madness.

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