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Monday, June 06, 2005
TPA in the news

Today's Daily Express covers a story (first picked up in yesterday's Sunday Telegraph) about how some local authorities are using money allocated to fight teenage pregnancy to give young mothers free makeovers, photoshoots, cameras and vouchers to "boost their self esteem."

We are quoted as saying: "At a time when some children are studying in classrooms where there are not enough books and people are in hospitals where there are not enough beds, it seems crazy that young mums are being offered free makeovers. It is a completely wrong set of priorities."

TPA Chief Executive Matthew Elliott repeated this point on BBC Radio Manchester this morning. He described the scheme as "a cosmetic exercise" and suggested that a better way to boost the self-esteem of teenage mums would be "to offer better vocational training and easy access to education to give them real hope for the future."

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