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Tuesday, July 19, 2005
The Flat Tax spreads to Italy

The Flat Tax revolution is spreading from Eastern Europe; the Spanish and German governments are considering the idea, and it is gaining ground in Italy. Recently a prominent Italian Minister endorsed it. Antonio Martino, Defence Minister, wrote:

"The expected benefits of the reform would be the simplification of the tax system, with enormous advantages for the taxpayer, a reduction of legal forms of tax avoidance (through evasion and tax relief), an increase in revenue, and the proper functioning of incentives to work, save and invest, with the consequent encouragement of economic growth. These advantages have already taken shape in those countries where the flat tax has been introduced, which explains why it is being adopted by so many other countries. Those who oppose what is happening throughout the world are not those who want tax reform and less taxation for everybody, but those who scorn and disdain this idea but are not able to offer an alternative proposal."

- Mario Chacon, TPA researcher

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