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Tuesday, August 16, 2005
Council Tax to dominate the autumn agenda

Council Tax is in the news once again. Many newspapers reported today that council taxes have increased by up to 70 per cent since 1997. They also suggest that the Government has devised a "death tax" to relieve the huge pressures of Council Tax on older people. Those who own their own homes could avoid tax altogether, then the council would claim back all the tax owing when they die. Their children will then be left to pay the tax in full when they inherit the property. This plan is fundamentally wrong because it would leave the elderly, already struggling, to sign away their homes to the tax man.

Before the Sir Michael Lyons inquiry makes recommendations on the reform of Council Tax in December, the TaxPayers' Alliance will be assisting Isitfair on a major campaign to highlight the need for a fairer system of paying for local government services. Watch this space for more information shortly.

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